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Do not rush. Listen to me, okay?
She shook, she squeezed my head with her feet, and pressed her hands to her, the vagina and ass began to throb. I continued to fuck her with my fingers trying to catch the rhythm and caress the clitoris with my tongue, and then sharply accelerated the movements with my fingers. Rita screamed, her vagina and anus tightened, she curled up, then abruptly straightened up. She finished for about 30 seconds. Then her vagina and ass relaxed, although sometimes they contracted, but less and less, she spread her legs, and I moved away from her. Her chest heaved heavily, she was still breathless, her legs spread wide.
They all went together.
link.. The pussy was almost shaved, aft of a thin line of pubic hair. The skin was warm and velvety and I could feel her labia puffed up and wet. My finger slipped and ended up in a pussy. She reacted to this with a slight movement of the pelvis up towards, which helped the finger go even deeper. She threw her head back and, without looking at me, unzipped the knot and pulled down my shorts. Since I was sitting in a T-shirt before her arrival, this did not bother her and she left it on me.
- That is, my barrel will be out of work in some kind of case, and I will work as an imitation, heh, that's something.
Yes, they say something with the transformer. And so once a month it regularly turns off.
I lay down next to her, again looked into her eyes. A smile of joy and satisfaction shone in her eyes, which undoubtedly pleased me. I am glad that both of us began to open up to each other and felt comfortable with our sexual impulses, in family harmony. Her eyes have never shone with such happiness. We held hands, and I kissed her on the cheek and, still drunk on her cock and milk, asked, on a semi-automatic - Mom, I want you, you are the sweetest woman in the world. Now I dream of you and your seed. I don’t understand how I used to live without your lips, your juicy trunk and testicles ... I fell in love with you with renewed vigor.
Tomorrow at 4 pm at my house. Dictate your phone number, send the address via SMS. And without delay, Ilya, otherwise you will not see the offset!
That beauty in that shower park had to walk all her shift working in a light white medical gown well above her knees on her naked body, because her body was sweating from moisture and temperature, the gown glowed through and through the spaces between the buttons flashed her beautiful fluffy clean-shaven female essence with small, luscious, luscious lips that protruded chic through her lush large lips ... It was very exciting to see such a female treasury.